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March 25, 2014


Hello!  Thank you so much for visiting our blog. We are Michael and Yu Towery, and we moved to Japan to help with mission work. Our story began when we met while attending college. One of the first things that we talked about was our future goals, and we were amazed to know that both of us felt called to do overseas missions. We grew up in places that are very different (Yu is from Japan and Michael is from East Texas), but both of us were raised by Christian parents who loved helping with missions. Ever since we were young, God gave us many opportunities to be involved in mission work, and we saw many lives that were changed. Since we met, we went on several mission trips together and enjoyed serving together. As our relationship grew, we started to pray that God would give us the same vision, and He did!

After we got married, we joined First Baptist Church Arlington. One of the reasons that we joined this church was because it is such a mission minded church. Soon after we joined, we started attending Panorama which is a course which offers a well prepared curriculum for those who are interested in missions. This 2 year course helped us to be prepared for our future mission work. We also built close relationships among those who have similar callings, and this community has helped us to grow as mature believers. We thank God for blessing us with a wonderful church family that loves and supports so many missionaries.

Our journey did not end with the training sessions. We continued to meet with the Japanese students who attend the local universities, and we loved getting to know them and helping them with their spiritual walk. When we prayed that God would give us a clear direction for our future missions, He reminded us of so many students in Japan who have never heard about Him. Our calling is to move to Japan to share His love and hope with the Japanese people, especially the students in Japan. We will be visiting the local universities in Sendai City to meet the students and to reach out to them. We will also join the local church there and encourage the believers. We are so excited to move there to start our ministries. We  welcomed Luke in  January of 2011 and Logan in May of 2013. We look forward to serving as a team, and we ask you to remember us in your prayers.

You can read more about Japan and our ministry on the “About Japan” page.

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